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Codeport Patch Notes

August 3rd 2008, revision 3

This is an update of the earlier patch notes detailing the upcoming changes to Dark-Legacy. We're nearing completing but there is still some tweaking to do; we expect the patch will be ready in the next few weeks.

Pet Changes:

The whole pet system has been revised, giving pets a much deserved workover. Primary benefit is the ease of adding new pets and toys, from within the game, and also repairing many of the currently broken toys.

  • As part of the pet changes all characters pets are initially transformed to eggs and placed in inventory. (When you hatch them their old level is restored)
  • Masters can now inspect all ability scores that a player can, using 'pet score'.
  • Each pet type has a set of roles they can adopt. (For example, a grizzly bear might be able to act as a frontline defender, while a wolf might be a good roaming defender/skirmisher). The available roles can be seen with 'pet score'.
  • Familiars function like normal pets, so most have multiple roles to pick from.
  • The active pet role can be set with 'order pet role <rolename>'.
  • A riders role is bestowed upon the mount, even when that mount is unskilled to perform that role themselves.
  • Pets now share the hitpoints, mana and move calculation comparable to that of a normal character.

Pet Stable:

  • The costs of stabling pets has changed; you pay a one time fee per pet space, which you can reuse indefinitely.
  • Pets can now be stabled with items equipped.

Pet Death:

  • Upon death, pets turn into a ghost.
  • Druids and Rangers can see pet ghosts
  • Pet Resurrect spell must be cast on the pet ghost, not the pet master.
  • Resurrect Pet follows the same rules as Resurrect now concerning non-astral areas.
  • A caretaker 'restore' now restores your pets too.
  • Mobs like Lillobee still resurrect your pet.
  • When a master departs, any dead pet get revived as well.

Raising Pets:

  • Pets slowly grow from 10% of their size at birth to 100% as they reach adulthood.
  • Feeding pets is (atm) no longer required.

Pet Toys:

  • Pets can be taught tricks using toys.
  • Toys are now used via 'use <toyname>'
  • All pets basically get 6 trick slots.
  • Each species has a unique magical/non magical slot distribution, not always identical to what it was before.
  • At level 0 and each 10 levels thereafter one slot is made available, up to and including level 50.
  • At epic level 250, 750, 1300 and 2000 a magic slot is added.
  • At epic level 500, 1000, 1700 and 2000 a non-magical slot is added.
  • Pet score displays the number of available magical and non-magical trick slots.
  • Pet tricks that bestow talents (like firebreath or bite) now function on a fixed cooldown.
  • Some pet tricks must be triggered manually, using the 'pet' command (like 'pet milk').
  • Normal pet toys are worth 500 gold, and rare ones 2500.

Pet Aethers:

  • Pets have a set of physical traits and inborn abilities inherited from both their parents, like color, or the ability to breath fire.
  • Only a limited number of traits are actually active; the rest is dormant.
  • These traits can be extracted as aethers from dead eggs by means of a special syringe and the 'syphon' command.
  • Aethers can be injected back into a different egg. Upon hatching the egg, the pet will have the injected trait.
  • Aethers overrule the innate traits. For example, if you inject a hamster with the attack power of a dragon, the hamsters own strength gets pushed aside.
  • At the time of writing at most 3 aethers could get added.
  • An egg cannot hold the same trait twice.

Pet Trick and Aether List:

This lists changes to all tricks that existed before this patch. Expect new tricks to be added over time.

  • Trick changes:
    • Aquabreath is now an actual trick.
    • Each pet species gets one defend aether of varying power:.
      • Pets get an armor bonus of 1 to 20 mobility (based on base level), with a -30% +30%
        deviation based on armor mod (So 14 to 26)
        Pets get up to 2000 damred bonus based on epic level, -99% to 300% adjustment based
        on armor mod. (so up to 6000).
    • Each pet species gets one attack aether of varying power:
      • pets get a -5 to +5 attack roll bonus, depending on attack score.
      • pets get up to 800 damroll based on epic level, with a -20% to +50% mod based on raced
    • Each pet species gets one health aether of varying power, directly influencing hitpoints.
    • Each pet species gets one magical power aether, directly influencing mana.
    • Hide makes the pet auto-hide and sneak every 4 seconds. Also bestows 8 dex increase.
    • Vorpal beheads your enemy when they drop below 10% hitpoints, 120 seconds cooldown.
    • Regenerate heals the pet, and regenerates 1 wound, cooldown of 30 seconds
    • Cure Poison cures poison, 30 seconds cooldown. Also bestows 30% poison resistance on pet.
    • Heal performs a lesser heal on master or pet when their health drops below 75%, 15 seconds cooldown.
    • Breathweapon bellows a magical firebreath on any enemy, cooldown 16 seconds.
    • Poison sprays poison on any enemy, dealing average damage, cooldown 16 seconds.
    • Recovery becomes Zen/Chakra, restoring a greater amount of mana if mana <75%, cooldown 60 seconds.
    • Bite attempts to bite leg for average pierce damage, damroll enhanced, cooldown 16 seconds.
    • Trip attempts trip, cooldown 30 seconds.
    • Bash attempts bash, cooldown 30 seconds.
    • Milk pet can be milked for a bottle of ice cold milk, cooldown 60 seconds.
    • Sneak becomes Prowl, an circling attack that circumvents mobility, can only be tumbled away from. Deals average damroll enhanced pierce damag, cooldown 40 seconds.
    • Defending increase pet defense effect by 25%
    • Attacking increases pet attack effect by 15%
    • Resist Elements increases resistance to all magical resistances by 20%
    • Resist Magic increases magic resistance by 35
    • Protect increase pet defense and attack effect by 10%, and adds the 'frontline defense' option to the pets roles.
    • Dodge increases pet defense by 4%, and increases dexterity by 12.

Pet Breeding/Eggs

  • The female pet requires fertility droplets before they are ready to breed. Each application of fertility droplets to your female pet allows them to breed once.
  • The full pregnancy cycle has to be completed before an egg pops out. Logging on/off for a quick delivery no longer works.
  • When breeding there is 50% chance of one, and 25% chance of two extra infertile eggs, which can be used for syphoning purposes. There is a 5% chance per bonus egg that it is fertile.
  • Eggs can now always be held, even if the egg would be far too large to hold otherwise.
  • Eggs no longer crumble to dust upon hatching; they are either dead or alive from the start.
  • While the system would support it you cannot breed different species, sorry! (We wanted to avoid half-chicken-dragon-quarter-cowcat-rabbifrogs)
  • All pets have a pedigree. The pedigree is a quality stamp, and gives a small bonus to most ability scores of the pet. Higher pedigree means higher bonus.
  • Using an incubator increases the pets pedigree category by 1.
  • The lowest pedigree of both parents results in the final egg pedigree.
  • A 'divine' (=gifted) pedigree cannot be inherited.
  • Infertile pets cannot breed. Infertile eggs will not hatch. Fertility droplets will not fix this.
  • Summoned pets cannot breed.

Trade: Escrow

To facilitate fair trades and allowing certain services to be traded an escrow system has been added. The mud holds on to the items both items wish to trade, and only exchanges the items when both parties accept it.

  • A trade can be started with the 'trade <player>' command. Alternatively, whenever a player 'gives' another player an item, a trade is started.
  • Both parties can add items to the trade. The items are only traded when both parties have typed 'accept'
  • By typing 'trade' without any commands, the to be traded items can be inspected.
  • With 'pet breed <player>' You can offer pet breeding as part of the trade.
  • With 'pet trade <player>' You can swap pets. If the other player lacks a pet, you only give away your pet.
  • Escrow ends when one of the parties accepts, declines, or leaves the room.
  • You cannot join arena games while in a trade.


  • Skill changes
    • Cannonball is level 1 now, and no longer requires flankin
    • Charge turned into an combat starting skill. Provided your circumvent stun resistance it means a
      moderate balance penalty to the charged victim and a 2 second delay for the enemy, before the charge attack
      is made. Charge also checks if conditions are met (enough movement, properly mounted, etc) /before/
      starting the battle.
  • Config +autojoin to autojoin fights when partymembers attack
  • Config +autominion to make minions autojoin fights.
  • Racial Attacks
    • Lizardman Spit attack is an aerial attack.

Rogue Specific Changes:

  • Sneak is now automatic while hidden. Sneak still fails while mounted.


  • Earthquake and Temple of Flesh performance increased.
  • Summon Familiar 's pedigree is directly related to the number of affect runes added.
  • Thrallbeast Summons one of the 6 types of Thrallbeast. Each effect rune increases petpower and eventually switched pet type. 0 fec: pet type 1, 1 fec: pet 1 augmented, 2 fec: pet1 max augmented 3 fec:: pet type 2, etc


  • Spider epic cocoon victims now take a supporting role so they no longer tank.


  • 'Flips right side up' physics message removed.
  • Balance hit from colision removed until the physics engine can get reviewed'.


  • Newbie hints now show until level 25.
  • Helpfile system reworked. Much easier to edit and update, and it automatically builds things up into a manual.
  • Since all class levels for a multiclasser are identical the class display has been optimized in who (1 Psi/Bar/Mag instead of 50P/50B/50M).
  • Rank in who is properly updated for epic levels.
  • added the 'adult' channel for adult conversations.
  • Added an extra detail message indicating when a character is overloaded and what it does to dex in their score, so players don't have to guess.

March notes:

Player Groups

  • New Party Command replaces group command and gives access to party commands.
  • Options are 'party invite <player>', 'party accept <inviter>', 'party kick <member>', 'party leader <member>', 'Party gather'
  • ptell command instead of gtell command.
  • When a character multiclasses it no longer breaks up the party.
Range & Formations
  • Ranges and range management (charge/advance/retreat) have been abolished in favor of a system thats easy to use for range users, by means of party roles.
  • Members of a party can choose to adopt roles via the 'role' command.
  • Roles allow you to (for example) guard the party mage from backstabbing attacks, or position your elemental in front of you as a guard.
  • Certain roles are not defend-able. For example, a front line guard is unable to guard a skirmisher.
  • Certain skills require you to be in a certain role. For example, if a rogue wants to circle or backstab their target they need to be in a skirmisher role.
  • New rule of thumb for area wide attacks: indirect damage (area attack damage) only damages targets that your party is in the process of fighting.
  • Defenders get a -4 Mobility penalty to attackers they aren't facing.
Attack Directions
  • Player melee/range and spell attacks assault targets from a certain direction.
  • Circle, backstab are rear attacks.
  • All other melee and range attacks are frontal attacks.
  • Sunbeam and meteor spell attack from above.
  • Harm is a frontal attack.
  • The arrow spell now arches towards the target, and is a flanking attack.
  • All other spells are considered non directional.
Combat: Murder
  • By default non pvping players cannot be attacked, unless:
  • They are targetted with the 'murder <player>' command
  • When the attacker has the new 'config +murder' option set.
Combat: Other
  • Lunge has been tuned so it has a damage potential in line with its costs.
    • Old Lunge: 4x Jab Balance Cost, 3.0x Jab Damage, 3.5x Delay of Jab
    • New Lunge: 4x Jab Balance Cost, 4.0x Jab Damage, 3.5x Delay of Jab
  • Lunge is the only melee attack that has 25% chance to circumvent anyone guarding your target.
  • In skilled hands, each equipped shield has 40% chance to absorb arrow, cone and breath spell attacks, protecting the wearer from damage.
XP gain:
  • Only people participating in a fight count towards determining if a fight was too easy; this allows pets to be leveled as long as the master doesn't participate.
Character Creation:
  • Cleaned up character creation, reordering the options to a more logical order.
  • Players are presented with the option to skip a large part of character creation and complete it at a later time. This allows first time character creation to be more within the range of 5-10 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes.
Looting Changes:
  • When a mobile is slain a random participant in the fight autoloots. People without autoloot are ignored. The looter is reported to the partymembers. Everyone else gets to inspect the corpse.
  • Slightly increased droprate for common and less common baboos, greatly increased droprate for rare baboos. Legendary baboos are still legendary.
  • Randomized pre-enchanted equipment (armor and weapons), comparable to crafted gear, pops in chests now.
Command Changes:
  • Container Bash: All partymembers (including NPCs) assist in treasure chest bashes.
  • Face: can now be used to start a fight.
  • Rescue: pulls the target out of a fight, and the rescuer into the fight.
  • Flee: Decreased flee failure to 50%. Flee doesn't make minions flee; thats just another price for fleeing.
  • Cannonball: will now properly function with an offhand weapon.
  • Zenpin, Hyakuhei, Spaz and the other stalker NPCs will leave newbies alone until level 8+.
  • Config: config -stalker option to stop Zenpin and friends from following you around.
  • The stalkers now scale in level and hitpoints, mana and move based on the person they are following.
  • Hyakuhei configured for high number of hitpoints, Zenpin for mana, and Spaz in between.
Casting changes:
  • Fixed bug where cast that didn't properly flag the occupy upper body and voice in use while casting.
  • Speed Penalty for casting with no hands free increased from *2 to *4. Two hands free still doubles casting speed. Reconsidered, this was too much.
Damage related changes:
  • Getting Damaged delays the next concentration based command for X seconds. (In effect, when casting or using ranged weapons you want to avoid being hit).
5%+ damage: 0.5 second delay 10%+ damage: 1.0 second delay 25%+ damage: 3.0 second delay 50%+ damage: 4.0 second delay 80%+ damage: 8.0 second delay
  • Getting Damaged hurts balance.
5%+ damage: very light balance hit 10%+ damage: light balance hit 25%+ damage: medium balance hit 50%+ damage: heavy balance hit 80%+ damage: extreme balance hit
Spell Changes:
  • Dispel Magic: can be freely cast on party members.
  • Web: Increased web strength so it holds fleeing chars more often and can hold people up to 60 strength.
  • Spell Duration Changed: Fixed big bug in effect durations Taking the opportunity to tune durations everywhere.
    • Alertness: 30 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune
    • Fatigue: 8 seconds, +8 seconds per dur rune
    • Animate Dead: 60 seconds, +150 seconds per dur rune.
    • Armor: 1 minute + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Bless: 30 seconds. +2.5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Bounce: 1 minute + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Blindness: 6 seconds + 3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Change Sex: 30 seconds + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Chameleon: 8 seconds + 2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Charm: At least 30 but up to 60 seconds + 1 minute per dur rune.
    • Antimagic Shell: 6 seconds + 3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Aqua Breath: 60 seconds + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Clarity: 60 seconds + 3 minutes per dur rune.
    • Conjure Elemental: 60 seconds + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Curse: 60 seconds + 2 minutes per dur rune.
    • Detect Invis: 1 minute + 5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Eldritch Sphere: 10 seconds + 15 seconds per dur rune.
    • Endurance: 60 seconds, +5 minute per dur rune
    • Frailty: 8 seconds, +8 seconds per dur rune.
    • Entangle: 4 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • faerie Fire: 16 seconds, +16 seconds per dur rune.
    • Fear: 4 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Fly: 45 seconds, +2 minutes per dur rune.
    • Fortune: 30 seconds, 1 minute per dur rune.
    • Misfortune: 30 seconds, 1 minute per dur rune.
    • Fragility: 4 seconds, +3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Glamour: 60 seconds, +3 minutes per dur rune.
    • Hidious: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Grace: 30 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Clumsiness: 4 seconds, +3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Howl: As it was
    • Inner Peace: 20 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Invisibility: 45 seconds, +2.5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Levitation: 60 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Mana Drain: 8 seconds +4 seconds per dur rune.
    • Mana Spring: 10 seconds, +15 seconds per dur rune.
    • Mirror Image: 45 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Night Form (Vamp): 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Pass Door: 20 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Phantom Sidekick: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Phantom Steed: 3 minutes, +10 minutes per dur rune.
    • Poison: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Psionic Blow: 4 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Psychic Armor: 45 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Rancor shield: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Regeneration: Re-cast delay on same char: 16 seconds
    • Resilience: 1 minute, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Sagacity: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Foolishness: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Sanctuary: 15 seconds, +15 seconds per dur rune.
    • Scry: 60 seconds, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Shapeshift: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Silence: 4 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Simulacrum: 30 seconds, +15 seconds per dur rune.
    • Sleep: 15 seconds, +30 seconds per dur rune. (Its out of combat only).
    • Slow: 8 seconds, +4 seconds per dur rune.
    • Haste: 45 seconds, +2.5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Soulbind: 30 seconds, +30 seconds per dur rune.
    • Strengthen: 30 seconds, +60 seconds per dur rune.
    • Weaken: 8 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Summon Bear: 2 minutes, +2.5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Summon Faerie: 2 minutes, +10 minutes per dur rune.
    • Summon Vermin: 1 minute, +10 minutes per dur rune.
    • Summon Guardian: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Summon Wolf: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
    • Summon Xorn: 1 minute, +10 minutes per dur rune.
    • Sunbeam(Blindness): 4 seconds, +2 seconds per dur rune.
    • Temple of Flesh: 6 seconds, +3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Thorns: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Time Flux: 45 seconds, +2.5 minutes per dur rune.
    • True Sight: 30 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Unravel Defense: 6 seconds, +3 seconds per dur rune.
    • Vigilance: 45 seconds, +1 minute per dur rune.
    • Warmonger: 24 seconds, +15 seconds per dur rune.
    • Ward: 2 minutes, +5 minutes per dur rune.
  • Wildsurges: 50 seconds.
  • Perfume effect duration increased from a few seconds to 30 minutes.
  • Poison strengths changed.
  • Elemental stays 5 minutes + 5 per duration increase.
  • Net duration is now 8 seconds.
  • Feral rage duration increased to 30 seconds.
  • Gerp eating ability score stay for 5 minutes at level 50.
  • All disgruntled god effects duration decreased to 1 hour.
  • Mighty black isabelle dragon stays 1 minute now
  • Heroism/Pygmy Potion is 60 seconds now.
  • toneskin Potion: 5 minutes.
  • PC Blindness: 6 seconds
  • Drinking Dye (WHYe! ho ho ho). 10 seconds.
  • rinking Shampoo.. (X_X) 60 seconds.
  • Runeword & Item Effects:
    • Freeze: 8 seconds
    • Exile (Sanc Beater): 8-24 seconds.
    • Hit/mana/move regen: 8-32 seconds.
    • Isabelles Dragon: 60 seconds.
  • Potions in general: About +60% duration for most.
  • Aquabreath Potion: 15 minutes
  • Decay Potions: 30 seconds
  • Wis, Int Penalty Potions: 60 seconds.
  • Invisiblity Potion: 5 minutes.
  • Floating Potion: 10 minutes.
  • Resistance Potions: 5 minutes.
  • MR Potions: 24 seconds.
  • DR Potions: 24 seconds.
  • shapeshifting Potions: 10 minutes.
Summoned Creatures:
  • Summoned creatures have /one/ role:
    • wolves/skeletons: Roaming defense
    • Elementals/bears: Frontline defense
    • Pixie: Aerial Defense
    • Rats: Skirmisher
  • By default, summoned creatures scales with the casters level - 2. They gain 1 level on the caster per fec, and have hitpoints comparable to pets per level. The creature level /is/ capped at regular level intervals, but each fec rises the cap.
  • animated corpses /might/ take on a role they had before, or they default to skirmishing.
  • Summon Bear spell: +2% bonus hitpoints per fec.
  • Summon Faerie spell: +1% bonus hitpoints per fec.
  • Summon Wolf spell: +2% bonus hitpoints per fec.
  • Summon Vermin Spell: Summons 3 rats that take tanking positions, +1% bonus hitpoints per fec.
  • Conjure Elemental spell: -2% bonus hitpoints per fec.
  • Summon spells now allow epic level creatures to be summoned, provided enough fecs are added.
  • Mobiles will make more informed decisions on who to attack. Some mobs will find some actions or persons more threatening than others.
  • Reasons for hate that mobs will exhibit: people that heal, that damage, that are criminals, lowest/highest level in the party, are minions, are a certain race or class, make sounds, are sleeped, attacked with potions, casting a spell or a song,
  • These events generate 50% Less hate when the event causing it (like damage) is inflicted upon someone else.
  • Automated combat of NPCs has been optimized.
  • Mobiles can team up with other mobiles in parties and adopt roles, just like players.
  • Pre-level 10 Mobiles act less sluggish than before.
Mage Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Support
Cleric Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Support, Roaming Defense, Aft Defense
Rogue Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Skirmisher, Flank Defense, Aft Defense
Warrior Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Roaming Defense, Frontline Defense, Aerial Defense (The 'Aerial defense' role requires flight).
Druid Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Roaming Defense, Aerial Defense.
  • Summon changes affect conjure elemental too.
Ranger Specific Changes:
  • Increased chance druids or rangers gain animal followers.
  • Receive role skills: Skirmisher, Flank Defense
  • See notes on summoned creatures above.
  • Rangers get the 'barrage' skill, a skill to shoot a range weapon multiple times at the same target. Barrage does damage comparable to jab (per strike). Shoot does damage comparable to thrust.
Psionicist Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Support
Paladin Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Support, Frontline Defense
Bard Specific Changes:
  • Receive role skills: Support, Flank Defense
  • Gain the skill 'Conjuration Power' at level 1, 80% skill.
  • Bards receive up to 50 complexity in the Illusionary School of Magic!
    • Mirror Image (Self Only, 10 complexity): The caster gets a illusionary twin that randomly switches with the caster when
      the caster is struck with a melee weapon, giving any melee attacker a 50% miss chance against range or
      melee strikes. The reflection is part real and part illusion, giving people with truesight a chance
      to see through it.
    • Phantom Sidekick (15 complexity): Calls upon the heroes of before to once again join the battle. A hero will join and
      protect the caster.
    • Fragility (Enemies, 20 complexity): Pushes the targets armor into the realm of shadows, dropping DR by 25% + 1% per fec.
    • Veil of Daggers (Self Only, 25 complexity): A veil of daggers envelopes the caster, causing jab like retaliation attack every time
      the caster is struck in melee. Retaliations automatically hit, cannot crit, and do not delay the caster.
      Requires the caster to be wielding at least one melee weapon. Prevents the caster from using melee attacks while active. A veil of daggers does not retaliate against a veil of daggers.
    • Chameleon (Self Only, 30 complexity): The caster uses illusionary magic to blend perfectly with the background, making them
      undetectable by /any/ means. Casters with the hiding skill will auto hide. Downside is the extremely short
      spell duration.
    • Silence (Enemies, 35 complexity): Silences the target for a short duration. Stops says, yells and shouts, and casts that require a
      chant or voice based performances.
    • Simulacrum (Enemies, 40 complexity): Creates an illusionary double of your enemy to draw your enemies attention. The Simulacrum will
      have a fraction of the power: 25% + 5% per fec. The body double becomes the main threat to NPC enemies.
      The enemy must below the casters level + 2, +1 level per fec.
Caretaker Changes:
  • Added 'hate inspect' command for basic hate and combat debugging.
  • Added basic framework for setting hate tactics for prototype mobiles.
  • Mobs default party role can be overridden (buildmode on mobs, 'role <role>')
  • Fixed a bug where inspecting an item in a valentine shop shows 'gold'.
  • Typo fix: Renamed all exilers to Elixirs
  • Fixed typo in sanctuary spell
  • When labeling an item it is first separated from its stack, so you don't accidentally label more than one portal at the same time.
  • Color coded the (Quest) tag in front of mobiles so it is more apparent.
  • Added linebreak to message 'You cannot sell containers with items in them.
  • removed the erroneous (null) message that sometimes appears in quests
  • the qp high score is now called the glory high score.
  • 'Treasure' treasure now has the added keyword, 'treasure', so selling becomes easier :p.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain Baboos with the 'hold' enchanting location not to function on hold items.
  • Fixed typo when glory pools refill.
  • Added a newbie indicator when characters are announced that are the first on their account. This will help identify newbies.