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Dividing Line


A race of telepaths.

No one quite knows how or when zions came into existence, since no great event preceded their appearance in Alora. It is most likely however, that a secluded group of highly intelligent humans slowly evolved away from their brethren. Even today they are much like humans except for their enlarged craniums, the reason for their increased mental capabilities. Their height, weight, eye and hair color vary greatly. zions are known for their telepathic abilities and remarkable willpower. They tend to be a wiser than humans as well but have less stamina. Although respected by most civilized races, zions are feared by the less intelligent species, who consider their powers to be unnatural and dangerous. In most cases, you would find zions living in human settlements as clerics or scholars, aided by their telepathy and wisdom.


- automatically speaks common.
- communicates with telepathic powers.
- -1 constitution, +1 wisdom.


- height: 66 to 72 inches
- weight: 150 to 165 pounds.