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Dividing Line

Winged Elf

Graceful and striking, proud, ruthless and serious.

Rumor has it that in ancient times, celestial beings kept elves within their halls as servants and retainers. This close proximity eventually resulted in relations between elves and celestials. The result are the winged elves. As time passed the celestials began to retreat further and further from the world, leaving their servants to fend for themselves. The winged elves were eventually abandoned by their masters and left to defend themselves against the new races of the world. They live high in the mountains, in large cities with soaring spires and beautiful towers. From their cities high in the mountains the winged elves keep to themselves and watch the people below go about their mundane lives. The winged elves are a proud, fierce people. Many of the mortal races believe winged elves to be cruel and callous, however that is a common misconception. The winged elves are not a cruel people, they simple believe in the survival of the fittest. Winged elves stand slightly taller than humans, with broad feathered wings on their back that allow them to fly with unparalleled grace. Other than their wings, they physically resemble all other elves, just bigger and more muscular. While they are in no way robust or strong, they are not the frail forestdwellers the wood elves are. They are a competitive people and live for the feel of the wind and the rush of a fight. While they are not hostile with strangers they are wary against anyone without wings, they simply cannot trust those surface dwellers.


- immune to magical sleep.
- innate detect magic.
- automatically speak common and elvish.
- +1 nature and summoning complexity.
- +4 dexterity, +1 charisma. -3 constitution.
- winged, can fly.
- -20 fire resistance points, +20 air resistance points.


- height: 66 to 72 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.