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Music and fun loving half-goat men.

Satyrs are an inoffensive fun-loving race of half-human, half-goat creatures. Satyrs have the torso, head and arms of a human, and the hindquarters of a goat. Two ivory horns protrude from a Satyrs head, generally ranging from 2-3 inches in length for males, and 5-6 inches in length for females. The horns are viewed as a sign of social standing; often times seen decorated in jewellery or painted with complex patterns. A Satyr is generally only interested in pleasure; most of their days are spent frolicking in the grassy fields of their homeland, or wandering the forests, playing on their pipes. A Satyrs pipes are generally crafted from bone or wood, and are playable only by them. Their culture of music leads most Satyrs to become bards in the civilized world, if indeed they decide to leave their forest homes at all.


- automatically speak common and animal.
- +2 dexterity, +1 wisdom, +1 charisma, -2 constitution.
- can perform certain wind instrument songs.
- 50% instrument cleaning and tuning.


- height: 60 to 66 inches
- weight: 150 to 165 pounds.