Dark Legacy :: manual races Phasian
Dividing Line


Archaic, immune to pillar sickness, blueish skin.

The phasians are a sturdy race. Almost a head smaller than a human, phasians have gentle features and a tad blueish skin. Each phasian is born with a unique sigil on their forehead, which according to phasian religion is their compass for life. It is common for phasians to cover their sigil when they want to provoke chance, or invoke luck. The phasians are the oldest race of Alora, and due to the Great of War of the Deities have fallen from glory. They can use the rune pillars without harm, being the original creators of the pillars, but no longer have the knowledge to construct them. Like their human cousins however, the phasians are also good at adapting to different environments, and although there are few phasian cities left, they can still be found scattered across most of Alora.


- automatically speaks common.
- immune to pillar sickness.
- +10 extra runewalk destination slots.
- can runewalk travel without starting pillar.
- +5% bonus experience.


- height: 50 to 55 inches
- weight: 130 to 143 pounds.