Dark Legacy :: manual races Orc
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large, squat and smelly; make exceptionally deadly warriors.

Orcs are large with broad bodies. A ridged brow crowned by bushy eyebrows conceals small, squinting eyes. Their nose is snout-like, and their mouths are large, with crooked fangs. They generally have dark skin, which emanates a rancid odor. Although some have dabbled in the mystical arts due to a great thirst for power, most orcs are warriors. Brutal combat is the natural call that stirs in the heart of an orc. Long ago, as if steered by a dark hand, the brutal orc armies once flooded over into the nations of good, carving a permanent image of orcish violence into the minds of the people. Although controlled by a great mage then, orcs today still raid the civilizations of Alora, albeit on a small scale. Orcs tend to use any advantage they can get; they fight dirty, do not follow any rules of war, and enjoy setting ambushes. Orcs have no use for politics and diplomacy; they oppress their underlings and rule by fear alone. Orcs that try to live outside their territory usually find themselves scorned, and constantly fighting for a place in society.


- automatically speak common and orcish.
- -1 to all magical complexities.
- take no extra damage for being in an aggressive or berserk combat style.
- erupt in a feral rage when close to death.
- +2 damage reduction per non epic level.
- +3 strength, -3 charisma.
- +1 damage reduction every 5 epic levels until e1000.


- height: 93 to 102 inches
- weight: 255 to 280 pounds.