Dark Legacy :: manual races Lizardman
Dividing Line


Tribal half lizards, stronger in body than in mind.

The members of this primitive reptilian race stand taller than most humans and are generally heavy muscled. Lizardmen prefer bays and lagoons along the coasts of Alora for their settlements, but they are also known to reside in mangrove swamps, marshes and even have some trading camps on dry land. They live in tribal bands and have a tightly knit social hierarchy. The society of Lizardmen stays largely veiled, due to the relative inaccessibility of their homes. Their lower intelligence and inability to read humanoid faces makes Lizardmen an easy target for criminals and others with bad intentions. As a matter of survival, Lizardmen have become extremely careful when dealing with land dwellers; it takes a lot of time to earn the trust of a Lizardman. Their unique habitat makes them almost unconquerable by any land dwelling creatures. The Lizardmen have always seemed uninterested in the dry land and as such the civilized world maintains a neutral and slightly tense relationship with them


- automatically speak common and animal.
- can breathe in water.
- acid spit attack.
- +30% acid resistance.
- +3 strength, +2 constitution, -4 intelligence


- height: 78 to 85 inches
- weight: 215 to 236 pounds.