Dark Legacy :: manual races Imperial Human
Dividing Line

Imperial Human

Adapted to life in the crowded cities.

Humans first appeared long ago, and have the largest population of any race. Humans have appeared all across the face of the planet, living in environments other races generally can't adapt to. This adaptability is partially due to how average the human race is. They have no particular strengths or weaknesses, and this allows them to excel to some degree at just about everything. One thing humans are good at is expanding their newly found civilizations. After the decline of the great cities of the Phasians and the devastation caused by the Shattering, humans are the new builders of society. They are the base standard for nearly everything, since they exist in such large quantities. Height, eye and hair color, and size all differ vastly, and few look even closely similar. They can show a range of behavioral characteristics, from kind and gentle to rashly arrogant and cruel. As a result, humans have very diverse relationships with the rest of the races.


- automatically speaks common.
- +10% bonus experience.


- height: 66 to 72 inches
- weight: 150 to 165 pounds.