Dark Legacy :: manual races Forest Gnome
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Forest Gnome

Lone forest dweller. Smallest of all gnomes.

Forest gnomes are the smallest of all gnomes, sporting dark hair and a bark-colored grey-green complexion. Very shy and elusive, forest gnomes prefer to live in burrows and hollowed out trees, depending on illusions to shield them from unwanted passers-by. They have a deep love for the forest. Forest gnomes are generally friendly but introvert, unable to handle attention very well. Forest gnomes shun other races and prefer to remain unseen. It is said forest gnomes have only to glance upon you to know your strength and weaknesses.


- automatically speak common and gnomish.
- +1 to enchantment complexity.
- -2 strength, +1 constitution, +2 wisdom
- +20 nature resistance points.
- innate spells: figment, deem


- height: 44 to 48 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.