Dark Legacy :: features
Dividing Line


bulletCharacter customization: create your character from a range of races, each with its own traits. Choose a starsign that fits your character's personality and adds more powers. Giving your character an ancestry is also possible, are you the offspring of a dragon or elemental? Or perhaps afflicted with lycanthropy? Many combinations possible, allowing players to create their own playing style and roleplay.
bulletMulticlassing: choose up to 3 classes from a selection of 9 different classes, forming 84 unique epic combinations.
bulletEpic levels: infinite leveling that gets more challenging as you gain levels, in 4 different types of epic dungeons, each with its own special characteristics and treasures. Use epic points to buy stats and other powers.
bulletExtended combat system: manual attacks that influence speed and balance, ranged vs melee, taking damage vs avoiding it, wounding based on weapon material.
bulletExtended crafting system: gather resources by salvaging corpses for leather and bone, chopping wood, foraging for things like cotton and fruit, mining up stone and ore, or fishing in the rivers and seas. Gathered resources can be processed and used to craft anything from furniture and statues to weapons and armor to wine and cookies. Gather magical stones called baboos and use them to enchant your craft and mobile equipment to create your own personal gear, tailored to suit your character. Use dyes and engraving to further personalize any equipment.
bulletPets: find pet eggs in chests, in the mines, or trade with players. Hatch an egg, give it a name and take it with you on your travels and level it up. You can use pet toys to train your pet and give it extra skills. Eggs range from common pets like Hamsters and Cats to rare ones like Dragons and Hippogryphs, each with different sizes, stats, and trick slots.
bulletBreedable: Got a couple? Breed with them! Rare eggs bring up a hefty sum.
bulletCombat: Pets can participate in combat. Some tend your wounds, while others sling spells or guard you with their life.
bulletQuests: Sprinkled across the realms are many quests, some for fame, and some for loot.
bullet Guilds: choose from a selection of guilds to join. Guilds can customize everything from ranks and badges to which races and classes may join. Some guilds are geared towards roleplaying, some towards PvP, and others towards a combination of things. Nothing to your taste? Gather some followers, put up some gold and create your own guild.
bulletGuild Tiers: As the members of a guild go out into the world their deeds are noticed, and consequently spread the name of the Guild. High tiers mean extra benefits for the guild and its members, like better visibility to players and more enchant space on insignias. Noticable deeds include reaching epic level, completing quests, looting legendary treasure, completing treasure maps, amongst other things.
bulletEnchantable Insignia: Guild leaders can design design a guild insignia that fits in an extra wear slot, and can only be worn by members of the guild.
bulletOptional PvP system: new characters can choose to become a PvP player, where survival of the fittest is key.
bulletOverland map: explore a large and colorful world in which the game.s areas are scattered around. While most roads and paths are safe, beware of ambushes when exploring! Use waypoints and runepillars to cross large distances. Most of the resource gathering occurs on the world map, with a great array of different forest types and other areas. Use a mining pick to create a tunnel anywhere on land and enter the subterranean levels where ore can be mined.
bulletGlory: Use glory points to enchant extra stats into your game equipment, gain points through epic leveling and quests.
bulletMagic: Since the Stone of the Gods was destroyed and it shattered into crystals, magic is accessed through conjured prisms. Create personalized spells by renaming them and adding runes to change the form of the spell. Different classes specialize in different schools of magic, ranging from nature and damage spells to defensive and healing spells.
bulletWeapon/Armor Sockets: Use the same magic runes in weapons and elemental runes in armor to add special powers. Certain combinations of runes can sometimes form a weapon runeword.
bulletPlayer Citadels: purchase a plot of land and build your own personal cottage or castle, fill it with furniture and store your possessions. Design your own layout and write descriptions to give it detail. Buy deeds to add a healer or blacksmith, or to place an anvil, forge or fountain in one of your rooms. Guilds can also create their own guild hall, creating a place to come together.
bulletShops: setup your own customized shop to sell excess items or goods that are in demand.
bulletBooks: feeling creative? Write a book and copies will appear in treasure chests for other people to read.
bulletBanks: leave your most valuable items securely stored in one of the many banks.